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The Brand

CEO Clubs Network is an award-winning, membership-based international organization with members from various industries and chapters across the globe. We focus on connecting C-level executives, business owners, and government officials and enabling them to share experiences, explore business collaboration opportunities and build business relationships. Our proven track record of innovative CEO Clubs' Events and 18 years of member engagement programs have made us a trusted business network and a driving force for global business connections.

The CEO Clubs Membership entices elites from private sectors such as SMEs & Corporates, and public sectors such as Trade & Investment, Entities, and Embassies & Consulates. Our valued members are connected through our Exclusive Members’ Networking Events, Mobile App, and a dedicated Member Support Manager. CEO Clubs Network has more than 24 local and international events planned and organized exclusively for our members with our visionary leadership and dedicated team effort.

Aside from Membership, we also provide Events Planning, Corporate Events Management, Leads Generation Services, and Trade & Investment Promotion. Additionally, CEO Clubs’ Category Partnership Opportunities and Sponsorship Opportunities play an important role in corporate branding & marketing, introduction/launching event, and Foreign Direct Investment promotion.

We continuously strive to build an impactful business network, accelerate business collaborations and nurture a thriving business community.
Are you ready to be a part of this journey?

We are passionate about our services below:

  • Events Planning & Management
  • Leads Generation Services
  • Trade & Investment Promotion
  • Category Partnership Opportunities
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Burj CEO Awards & Recognitions

CEO Clubs Network strives to become the most efficient business platform for C-level executives and business owners to share experiences, explore business collaborations and build long-lasting business relationships.

A trusted business network that creates a positive socioeconomic impact.

Trust, Passion, Humbleness, Happiness, Honesty, Growth, Creativity, Loyalty, Transparency, Gratitude, Excellence & Communication.

To connect 100 Million C-level executives, business owners and government officials from 195 countries in the world.