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Success Stories

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of courage, grit and resilience to rise above rejections and failures. Learn from the Success Stories of our CEO Clubs Members as they share their best business practices and how being a CEO Clubs Member has helped them have strategic conversations and build business connections.

Beyond the awards, functions and business trips, our CEO Clubs Members were grateful for the reliable friendships that they have made and the overall positive experience of being able to connect with link-minded people, learn new business strategies and inspire others to achieve their business goals.

Our not-so-secret recipe for success is our authenticity and our commitment to building long-term business relationships with our valued members. We don’t have to say much. We will let our valued members speak for themselves in their Success Stories below.

Dr. Christopher Abraham
CEO & Senior Vice President
S P Jain School of Global Management

Atif Rahman
Director & Partner
Danube Properties

Lyndon Dsilva
General Manager Middle East and Africa

Abdul Moiz Khan
CEO & Managing Partner
Fursa Consulting

Gloria Belendez Ramirez
Happiness Ambassador Founder and Owner
Villas at Xichu Happiness Holistic Center

Dr. Hemant Kumar
CEO & President
Al Tareeqah Management Studies (ATMS)

Mohammed Shabeer
Regional Business Partner - UAE

Shaheen Akbari
Executive Director
Century Financial

Senthil Kumar
Standard Pure Gold Trading LLC

Mohamed Lamani
CEO & Co-founder
Promota Agency

Tania Chaudhry
HCC - Technology & Advisory

Mohammed Garba Hassan
Founder & CEO
Kano BF Suma Ventures