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Frequently Asked Questions

Can i attend CEO Clubs’ events as a non-member?

CEO Clubs' events are exclusively tailored for our esteemed members. However, if you're interested in joining our dynamic business network, we invite you to explore our YouTube channel and social media platforms through @CEOClubsNetwork, where you can delve into our members' insights and success stories. For further details, please feel free to reach out to us via WhatsApp +971 55 3847 066 or e-mail at

Are there other fees to be paid after becoming a CEO Clubs member?

Once you become a member of CEO Clubs, all of our events are complimentary for you. Additionally, some events organized by our partners are also free for our members to attend

Does CEO Clubs network benefit from members’ business transactions financially?

CEO Clubs Network prioritizes business growth for our members, and we don't directly profit from their transactions. However, if members wish to promote their businesses by introducing them to potential clients, then an agreed percentage of the transaction goes to CEO Clubs.

Can i visit your office and speak to a representative about the CEO Clubs?

We would be delighted to meet you at our office. Please call us at +971 4 346 1112, or WhatsApp at +971 55 3847 066 or send an email to to request a meeting. You can also access our CEO Clubs Membership Form through our CEO Clubs Mobile App or website at

Can i promote my business in CEO Clubs network if i am not a member?

Explore various options to promote your business:

  • Become our exclusive category partner for one year.
  • Sponsor CEO Clubs’ events.
  • Hire us to plan and manage your corporate events.

For inquiries, please email us at

As a member, can i have a list of all the members of CEO Clubs Network?

We do not share members' contact information with any third party unless they consent to it. We offer a CEO Clubs Member Directory accessible via our CEO Clubs Mobile App, enabling members to search and view fellow members.

How would you describe your business networking events?

CEO Clubs' Members Events provide ample networking opportunities, with nearly 2 hours devoted to member interactions and collaboration exploration. Speed networking and one-on-one meetings during the event ensure personalized interactions and capture valuable opportunities. We curate diverse event themes, including Lunch Meetings, Dinners, Cigar Nights, and CEO Clubs Delegations to various countries.

What sets CEO Clubs Network apart from others?
  • Networking-focused club with over 20 club events
  • Learning opportunities from diversified speakers
  • Marketing and PR exposure through CEO Clubs Magazine, news channels, events, and digital platforms
  • Enjoy personalized support with a dedicated One-on-One Member Support Manager
Can I send my sales or marketing manager to attend club events as a member?

According to Clubs' policy, only CEOs, other C-level Executives, Directors, Country Heads, and Heads of Departments are permitted to attend on behalf of the member company, one representative per event

What other services does CEO Clubs Network provide?
  • Business Formation
  • Investment Promotion (FDI)
  • Road Shows, Corporate Events Management
  • Pavililion Managment
Who are the majority of CEO Clubs Members?

The majority of CEO Clubs members come from diverse backgrounds, including SMEs and large corporates from various sectors and nationalities across different countries

If I can't afford the membership, what options do I have?

We offer partially barter options and a Startup Boost Program. Please contact us to discuss further.

What are the main benefits of the USD 5145 one-year Elite Membership?

For the one-year Elite Membership, priced at USD 5145, you can expect to gain access to a range of valuable benefits and privileges. These include exclusive networking opportunities with high-level executives, access to industry-leading events and speakers, personalized support from our Member Support Manager, marketing and PR exposure through our various platforms, and much more. Additionally, you'll be part of a dynamic community of like-minded professionals, fostering collaboration and growth opportunities.